The UBS ClickToShip is a special software given to UBS customers to ease the process of preparing shipments, printing air waybills, managing address books, as well as other useful functions.

The UBS Shipping International service allows you to ship time-sensitive parcel(s) or document(s) weighing below 30 kilograms (66 lbs) to any location worldwide using the fastest available means.

Cash-on-Delivery (COD) is a service provided by UBS where merchants can get UBS to deliver their products to buyers and then collect the payment from the customers on their behalf.

Distribution Service means that UBS will assume the responsibility of shipment distribution to multiple recipients (e.g. invoices, invitation cards).

To ensure safety while shipping parcels, UBS discourages shipment of prohibited, restricted and dangerous items to any destination. For more information, you can download and read our list of Prohibited and Restricted Items.

Also note that some countries have additional restrictions, prohibitions, and acceptance processes for certain commodities. Please refer to the Customs Information page to check the prohibited/restricted items by country.

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